John Deere 620F Grain Head For Sale – Crary Air Reel


John Deere 620F Grain Head For Sale

CRARY AIR REEL! This is the best way to keep your head feeding smoothly.

This is a very, very nice used John Deere 620F grain head for sale. Check it out because this one won’t last long! This 20 foot grain head allows you to clear the field with ease. Go through the field with ease, and let the HydraFlex system do their job. This is the perfect grain head to put on your John Deere 9670STS combine, JD 9660, JD 9770, or any other harvest machine. Take care of your soybeans this year with a JD 620F grain head!

This John Deere 620F grain head has:

Single Point Hook Up
Full Finger Auger
Controur Master
Hydraulic Fore and Aft
Poly Dividers
2 PTO – one drives the header, other drives the air
Stainless Steel Floor
When you are looking for the latest technology on a John Deere grain head, look no farther than this JD 620F . This grain head comes packed with the best options to make you harvest season easier and smoother. The John Deere 620F head is a flex head, that allows you to cut your soybeans low as the head works itself along the ground. These are the ideal heads for harvesting soybeans. The John Deere HydraFlex uses a hydraulic system to continually adjust the head, allowing it to float along the ground, giving you the optimal cut.

To easily and quickly hook and unhook the head to move from field to field, this head features the Single Point Hookup. All of your combine to grain head hydraulics are in one spot, combined together to allow you to unplug one item and have everything disconnected. This helps you save time, and avoid look hoses.

With the Full Finger Auger, this grain head moves the grain from the outside to the feederhouse quickly, deterring blockages on the head floor. The auger has fingers that come out in every section, smoothly moving the grain down the head until it reaches the combine.

With the Low Stone Dam, you get protection from some of the stones that try to make their way onto the head, but there is not hindrance to any of the grain. This helps protect your head while also keeping the grain flowing. The stainless steel floor keeps a smooth and strong surface for the grain to make its way to the feederhouse.

This head is set up for Contour Master. This allows for the head to adjust with the field when you start getting on rolling hills. No longer do you have to worry about grain loss due to a difficult angle, or digging dirt due to the corner of the head being too low. The Poly Dividers give you a clean sight line to know where you are cutting, and provide a strong, yet lightweight, piece to optimize the harvest.

Adjusting your reel has never been easier. With a simple flick of a button in the cab, you can hydraulically adjust the reel to ensure you have the best harvest. With this 600 series grain head, you will be comfortable and in control. All the options that are added are to make the harvest easier. Check this combine grain head out today, and get ready to get to work.

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Used John Deere 620F Grain Head for sale