Zeisloft Farm Equipment is a family-owned and operated business, based on our farm that we’ve worked for over 100 years. Gerald continues to farm to this day, using pieces of equipment from our sales lot. Our lot is surrounded by the corn and soybeans that we plant, spray, and harvest, as well as the farmhouse and barn built by Gerald’s father. Generations of our family work on the farm and the sales lot to this day.

driven by customers

Our customers are what drives us to find the very best used equipment and make it available at affordable prices. We’re committed to our fellow farmers, and we want to do everything we can to support the hardworking men and women in agriculture. We work with each customer to make sure they’re not only buying the right piece for their needs but also know how to use it in the fields. Our experience from a lifetime of farming gives us the expertise to match the customer with the right equipment.

Over 40 Years of experience

We’ve been buying and selling used combines and tractors for almost 40 years, so we have the experience to know a quality piece of equipment when we see it. We’ve also opened a store selling aftermarket parts and lawnmowers just a mile down the road.

We buy combines and tractors from sellers we know, with good maintenance records. Then we inspect each piece ourselves so we can be confident we’re selling a quality item.

stop by and visit

Our lot is always open so you can see what we have available. Let us know if there’s something specific you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it. You can be confident that if you buy it from us, we’ll stand behind it. That’s our commitment to you.