2010 John Deere 9770STS HILLCO Combine for sale – 77956


2010 John Deere 9770STS HILLCO Combine for sale – tag 77956

Very Very Nice. This John Deere 9770 STS Combine for sale features the HILLCO Sidehill Self Levelling System, that keeps your combine level on the toughest hills. The HillCo system can help increase your bushels per acre, but minimizing your losses. This is the best way to get the best production in the field. The John Deere combine also features Contour Master feederhouse, that can change with the field, to help you maximize your harvest. The Single Point Hookup on this JD Combine makes hooking up and unhooking easier. The JD 9770STS Combine features the Pro-Drive transmission, making your travel easier. The bin extension and high capacity unloading system on this John Deere combine makes getting the grain out of your field quicker and easier.

3801 engine hours
2303 sep hours
HillCo Sidehill Self Levelling System
Bullet Rotor
Pro-Drive Transmission
High Torque Variable Speed Feederhouse
Premium Cab
High Capacity Unloading System
Bin Extension
Front 520/85R42 Dual Tires (Singles available)
Rear Tires 18.4-26

2010 John Deere 9770 STS HILLCO Combine for sale