2008 John Deere 9570 STS Combine for sale – 4×4


2008 John Deere 9570 STS Combine for sale

Super High Quality John Deere 9570STS Combine for sale. This combine is a great size for the smaller farms. If you want to keep using your 6 row corn head and a smaller platform, the JD 9570STS Combine is a great machine to use. Loaded up with 4×4 – Power Rear Wheel Assist, ContourMaster, Bullet Rotor, and other options, this John Deere combine is set up perfectly to take care of all the crops in your fields. Corn and Soybeans, are no match for the Bullet Rotor, designed to make threshing corn a breeze. The CommandCenter in the cab provides you with all the information at the push of a button, allowing you to easily adjust the combine on the go.

– John Deere 9570 STS Combine
– Bullet Rotor
– ContourMaster
– Single Point Hookup
– Touch Set Sieves
– Chopper
– Buddy Seat
– 800/65R32 Front Tires (Front Dual Tires also Available)
– 18.4-26 Rear Tires

Give us a call to inquire about John Deere Corn Heads and Grain Heads available to run with this John Deere 9570 combine for sale.

2008 John Deere 9570 STS Combine with Power Rear Wheel Assist