Used John Deere Combine 6620 Sidehill


Used John Deere 6620 Sidehill combine

The John Deere 6620 combine was a work horse for many years. This combine for sale was very well kept, and still in good shape. This combine has many of the features that farmers are looking to get. Being a Sidehill combine helps to eliminate the need to use your foot to keep yourself upright in the cab when traversing a hillside. The heavy rear axle allows for great grip in turns.

Used John Deere Combine 6620 Sidehill Combine
4650 hours
Good Rubber
Heavy rear axle,
28L-26 Front Rubber, 14.9-24 rear rubber

We have over 50 John Deere grain heads that would fit wonderfully on this JD 6620 combine. Or you can get a JD 643 corn head to attach and go at your corn fields. Lets put them together and make the best package deal.

John Deere 6620 Titan II Sidehill combine