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SOLD - 2008 John Deere 9670 STS Combine For Sale - Fancy

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John Deere 9670 STS combine for sale - Fancy

John Deere 9670 STS Combine for sale is loaded up with ContourMaster, Touch Set Sieves, Auto-Steer Ready, Sidehill Performance Package and more!

This John Deere 9670STS combine for sale is the way to go. Loaded up and ready to eat corn, soybeans, or anything else you put in front if it. This JD 9670 combine is the best size. Perfect for 6 or 8 row (can even do 12 row) corn heads and basically any size grain head. This combine has the power needed and capacity to cruise through your fields. With the ContourMaster feederhouse, you will love the job when our cutting soybeans in this JD 960sts. This JD combine is fully equipped with Touch Set Sieves, making your small sieve and chaffer adjustments on the go from the cab, instead of crawling in to make the changes. Almost all the harvesting setting are done at your fingertips! This John Deere combine looks as good as it sounds. Great color, this combine also comes with front and rear rubber at least 85%, which will last you a long time. 

The Sidehill Performance package adds tall risers in the top sieve area, to help keep the grain from shifting down and piling when you have a hill. This allows for a better, cleaner job. This combine for sale also comes with Auto-Steer capabilities. Once you get your GPS set up, combining is a breeze. Equipped on this combine are a chopper and bin extenstion, just two more ways to make the harvest a little more convenient. Don't waste time unloading, this JD 9670sts combine has the High Capacity Unloading auger, which unloads at a blistering 3.3 bushels/second rate. 


  • John Deere 9670STS Combine For Sale
  • 2930 engine hours
  • 2042 seperator hours
  • Touch Set Sieves
  • GreenStar
  • ContourMaster
  • AutoSteer/GPS ready
  • Sidehill Package
  • Chopper
  • Bin Extensions
  • High Capacity Unloading Auger

Check out our selection of John Deere corn heads and John Deere grain heads that we have for sale. With over 50 JD combine heads available, we probably have what you are looking for. Contact us today so we can be your Head Connection!

Dumping your combine has never been easier. What we like to do on our farm is to bring a Grain Cart out into the field. With a bin full of grain, sometimes it is easier to dump the grain into a grain cart standing by instead of driving the combine all the way to the truck. Grain carts allow you to dump 2-3 bin loads without having to worry about transport.

Used John Deere 9670 combine for sale

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