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Used Rhino FR15 Batwing Mower

Rhino FR15 Batwing Mower

This is a used 15' bat wing mower in great shape. This Rhino FR15 batwing mower will help you take care of the farm and keep it looking clean. This heavy duty mower is the perfect piece of equipment to use around the farm. From battling back the thick weeds to cutting down pasture grass to chopping stalks, this mower has a use in every season. The Rhino batwing mower showcases a strong name and reputation, and lives up to it. With the strong build, you can batwing around your farm with confidence.

This mower features a chain kit and utilizes the small 1000 PTO shaft to power the blades. The folding wings make it easy to transport down the road, clean when you are done, and to do maintenance on the outer blades. With the 15 foot batwing, you have the width to get the job done quickly and easily. Using a batwing is one of the best ways to control the look and function of diversion ditches, where you need to keep the grass and weeds at bay, while also keep it in good shape to allow for the best drainage. With this Rhino batwing mower, you can be assured that the job will get done.

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Used Rhino Batwing Mower for sale