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Rhino TW26 Mower - 6 Foot


List Price - $2,660

Our Price - $2,400


Rhino TW26 Mower - 6 Foot

This is a brand new, 6 foot mower. These Rhino TW26 mowers are strong enough to help clean up brush. This rotary mower has a 2" cutting capacity, and is built strong with a 12 gauge deck and 7 gauge side skirt. 

  • Steel Infinity Blade Carrier
  • 2" Cut Capacity
  • CAT 1 and CAT 2 Quick Hitch Compatible
  • Heavy-Duty Tailwheel
  • Tapered Side Skirts to Help Prevent Gouging
  • Baffled Deck
  • High Capacity Cutting Chamber

Pair this Brand New Brush Mower up with one of our used John Deere tractors for sale. Get them today and get to work!

Rhino Mower for sale