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John Deere 643 Corn Head For Sale- Poly and Oxbo Rolls - 50771


John Deere 643 Corn Head for sale - OXBO Rolls

The Pixall/Oxbo Knife Rolls are designed to eat through the stalk, helping your chop your stalk down to help with to process of breaking it down into the soil. The Pixall Rolls help to break down the stalk following the harvest. With these rolls, you get immediate results. Once you get into your field, you will be able to see the difference these rolls will make after cutting though your corn rows.


This John Deere 643 corn head for sale is in great shape, with the tin work still straight and clean. This Low Tin Oil Bath corn head allows for the chains to continually be oiled, making maintenance easier and more convenient day in and day out. The JD 643 corn head for sale is a great corn head at a great price, able to hook up to almost any combine from the 1970's through 2000s.


Check out our used John Deere combines we have for sale and lets make this a package deal! We can deliver both pieces on the same load!

Used John Deere 643 Low Tin Oil Bath Corn Head for sale