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SOLD - John Deere 606C Corn Head For Sale

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John Deere 606C Corn Head For Sale


The John Deere 606C corn head is the latest model made by John Deere. This is a great head to go on a John Deere 9550 combine, 9650 combine, JD 9560 combine, or any of the newer models. This corn head features knife rolls, hydraulic deck plates, and is ContourMaster. The knife rolls help to completely eat through the stalk cleanly. This helps you maximize your efficiency in the corn field, and helps to elimiate clogging. The Contour Master system, helps to keep your corn head even with the ground to make sure you harvest the corn evenly, helping avoid any loss. The Hydraulic Deck Plates on the corn head allow you to change the height of the deck plates from the cab. With these quick and easy adjustments, you can make sure you are combining at the rate and pace you desire. With the additional stubble lights on the corn head, you have the sight and viewing behind the head so you can quickly and accurately judge the processed field.

Corn Head Features:
  • Single Point Hookup
  • ContourMaster
  • Opposing Knife Rolls
  • Hydraulic Deck Plates
  • Stubble Lights

This is a great corn head to be put on a very nice combine. Check out our selection of used John Deere combines. With a combine, we discount our heads, to give you the best package deal. Searching for the best used grain head? We have over 50 John Deere grain heads available. No matter what model or series, we have almost all available. Contact us today and let us be your Head Connection.

Used John Deere 606 C Corn Head for sale