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SOLD - John Deere 4700 Sprayer

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1998 John Deere 4700 Sprayer

This 1998 John Deere 4700 sprayer is 90' wide. The brown box rate conroller in the cab allows you to make changes on the go. This has one of the cleanest cabs you will see.

This is one of the nicest used John Deere 4700 sprayers you will find. This sprayer has all brand new TeeJet Quick Change nozzle bodies on 15 inch centers making changing out the spray rate a breeze. This used JD sprayers uses an induction box to make adding your chemicals to the tank an easy job, and a clean water tank to help you rinse the chemicals off your hands before getting into the spotless cab. 

This sprayer has a very nice 800 gallon stainless steel tank.

You can easily see where you are spraying, even at night, with the bright LED lighting. The foam markers keep you in line to help you avoid over spraying or missing. The John Deere 4700 sprayer is supported with air ride suspension, to help keep you comfortable and stable in the field. The Hydraulic Adjustable tread allows you to widen your tractor's foot print easily from inside the tractor. 


  • Brown Box
  • Stainless Steel Tank - 800 gallon
  • 90' booms, 15 inch markers
  • Induction tank
  • Clean water tank
  • LED Lights
  • Brand new TeeJet Quick Change nozzles
  • Foam Markers
  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Hydraulic Adjust Tread
  • New Rear Tires
  • Carbon Air Filter for cab


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John Deere 4700 Sprayer for sale