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SOLD - Used John Deere 9500 Sidehill Combine For Sale - 4x4 and Low Hours

SOLD - Please give us a call to inquire about other John Deere sidehill combines for sale

John Deere 9500 SideHill combine for sale


The John Deere 9500 Sidehill combine is one of our most popular models. This combine has the goodies to make you harvest season go smoothly. The biggest convenience of the JD 9500 Sidehill is the sidehill mechanism. If you haven't been in a JD Sidehill combine before, the combine is on a hydraulic system that keeps the cab, walkers, and storage bin level, allowing you to easily and securely harvest your crops as you combine across a hill. If you have not had a side hill combine before, you may be familiar with the "foot brace" - when you need to sprawl your foot and leg out to brace yourself from falling over. Using a side hill combine helps to alieve yourself from this issue, so you can combine in comfort.

This used John Deere 9500 Sidehill combine for sale is a 1994 model. This combine has a chooper, bin extension, and very good eye appeal. Check it out today!


  • 1994 model 
  • John Deere 9500 sidehill combine
  • 4139 engine hours
  • 2789 seperator hours
  • 30.5x32 front tires
  • 18.4x26 rear tires
  • chaff spreader
  • bin extension
  • chopper

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Dumping your combine has never been easier. What we like to do on our farm is to bring a Grain Cart out into the field. With a bin full of grain, sometimes it is easier to dump the grain into a grain cart standing by instead of driving the combine all the way to the truck. Grain carts allow you to dump 2-3 bin loads without having to worry about transport.

Used John Deere 9500 combine for sale

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