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SOLD - John Deere 1560 No Till Drill - Very Nice

SOLD - Check out our selection of other used John Deere no till drills.

John Deere 1560 No Till Drill

John Deere 1560 No-till Graindrill has Excellent eye appeal with great paint and Good iron (boots and blades). This used No-Till Grain Drill can be used on dolly wheel or two point hitch. This is one special piece that will help you get your seeds in the right way. Make sure you are get your spring off to a good start with this John Deere drill.


  • John Deere 1560 No Till Drill
  • Dolly or 2 Point Hitch
  • 7.5 inch spacking
  • like new boots and blades


Take to the fields and plant your soybeans and small grains accurately with this John Deere no till drill. You can save time and money by going no till. This drill will do the work for you. Make sure you have all the power you need to pull the heavy no till drill, check out our selection on used tractors for sale and get the power you need.

Used John Deere No-Till Grain Drill For Sale

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